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About Me

…Ray is taken to a pub to meet a guy, whose name is Bill and who heard him playing in Clarkfield. A band is rehearsing. Bill would like him to join the band. But Billy, the leader, doesn’t want to hear about it…“This is a country band. We don’t play no boogie-woogie”. “Uh, yes, I understand. I love country music”. “All right, go on. Tell me. What is it you love about country music?”. “L… I love the stories” Ray says “Uh, you know, about fallin’ in love and having love knock you around and then the pressures of the world on you so tough. It… lt makes you feel small. You want to give your soul to God. You might as well. Your ass belongs to Him.” Tension dissolves. Laughs. Ray is Ray Charles.

Nice, isn’t it? I don’t believe my ass belongs to God, but sure I like this kind of music. Stories.
Isn’t it the reason why songs exist and are sung and listened to? Intimate stories, the ones where love knocks you out or lifts you up to the sky, or the ones in which everyday pressure and difficulties make life tough, at times impossible, and make you feel small and desperate.
These are the stories I love to sing, even if they are sad or epic. This is the music I love.
I’ve played for years in local bands – standard blues, rock, folk but also reggae and funk – until one day I realized that I also had something to tell. So, I jumped on a plane, headed for Phoenix, Arizona. Rather then a dream, it was a need. The desert was a source of new and deeper musical inspirations. There, I found my style and my voice: I made new friendships, I had intense and fundamental life experiences, I improved my technique.

Once back in Italy, I lived for several years in Rome.
I took part in several festivals. To mention a few, “Acoustic Guitar Meeting” in Sarzana, a festival of an international calibre; “Musiche Festival” in Rome where I obtained significant recognitions and the associated press defined me as one of the most promising new artists; “L’ Artista Che Non C’era” at CPM in Milan, where I was awarded ‘best Italian artist’ in 2014 by Francesco Mussida, guitarist and composer belonging to the historical Italian Band ‘PFM’. I shared the stage with artists of international calibre, some of them my strongest influences and inspiration: Michael Mc Dermott, ‪Martin Sexton‬ and Louis Ledford.

My first album, HOW MUCH TIME, a self-produced thanks to the collaboration of Jazz musicians, was followed by 24/7 – TWENTYFOURSEVEN, recorded and produced at Studio 13 in Phoenix. The third one THE LONG SILENCE produced in Italy: released December 2018‬.